Matthews 40x40
Matthews 40x40
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Matthews 40x40" Portable Flag Kit (inkl. Tasche)

CHF 1,499.00
Inkl. MwSt.

Kit comes with:

- Flag

- Floppy Top Hinge

- Matthbounce Floppy

- Artificial Silk

- Zippered Flag Bag


Matthews’ new 40x40” Flags and Floppies are a practical size that answers the need for gear portable enough to travel in a hatchback or similar size vehicle. Compact, built with 3/8” stainless steel tubing, the new 40”x40” size fits standard shipping limits and may be shipped by carriers UPS and FedEx, unlike its larger 48”x48” counterpart.

The 40”x40” sizes are available in a flag, top hinge floppy, bottom hinge floppy, artificial silk, and a new matthbounce floppy. Matthews offers a durable zippered flag bag for easy transport. The flag, top hinge floppy, matthbounce floppy, and artificial silk may be purchased together as a kit with or without the bag.

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