Freefly Carbon V-Lock Adapter Kit for RED Epic (2 D-Tap)
Freefly Carbon V-Lock Adapter Kit for RED Epic (2 D-Tap)
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Freefly Carbon V-Lock Adapter Kit for RED Epic (2 D-Tap)

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This V-Lock adapter kit for for the RED EPIC allows MōVI customers to use small V-Lock batteries to extend the run time on their RED EPIC, as well as provide D-tap power for 12V and 14.8V accessories (follow focus, wireless, etc.)  Made from ultra lightweight carbon fiber, the kit allows for the lightest and lowest profile method of attaching a V-Lock battery to an EPIC.  The kit includes either a genuine IDX PV2 battery plate or IDX PV212 battery plate with one or two D-tap outputs, respectively.  The plate comes with the appropriate lemo plug for the EPIC DC input and uses high strand count silicon wire for maximum durability and flexibility.   



  • Lightweight carbon fiber adapter plate
  • High strand count silicon wire for EPIC power input
  • Genuine PV212 IDX V-Mount plate
  • One 14.8V pass through voltage on D-tap output #1
  • One 12V regulated voltage on D-tap output #2



  • Qty 1 - Carbon adapter plate

  • Qty 1 - PV2 or PV212 IDX V-Mount plate w EPIC DC power input lemo

  • Qty 4 - Flat head screws for mounting plate to EPIC

  • Qty 4 - Aluminum spacer for use on RED Scarlet

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