Freefly V-Lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini
Freefly V-Lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini
Freefly V-Lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini
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Freefly V-Lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini

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Optimize your ALEXA Mini for integration with the MōVI using the elements found in the V-lock Adapter Kit for the ALEXA Mini.

Proprietary mounting plates place the Mini firmly within the MōVI’s camera cage and their 6061-T6 aluminum composition keep your setup both secure and light.

The V-lock enabled camera mount allows MōVI operators to use small V-Lock batteries to extend the run time of their ALEXA Mini, as well as provide D-tap power for 12V and 14.8V accessories (follow focus, wireless, etc.). Made from ultra lightweight carbon fiber, the kit allows for the lightest and lowest profile method of attaching a V-Lock battery to a Mini.

The kit's genuine IDX PV212 battery plate comes with the appropriate LEMO plug for the ALEXA DC input and uses high strand count, silicon-wrapped wire for maximum durability and flexibility.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber adapter plate
  • High strand count silicon wire for ALEXA Mini power input
  • Genuine PV212 IDX V-Mount plate
  • One 14.8V pass through voltage on D-tap output #1
  • One 12V regulated voltage on D-tap output #2


  • Qty 1 - Carbon adapter plate
  • Qty 2 - Aluminum mounting plates
  • Qty 1 - PV212 IDX V-Mount plate with ALEXA DC power input lemo
  • Qty 8 - Flat head screws for mounting plate to Mini