Aladdin WHIP-LITE System
Aladdin WHIP-LITE System
Aladdin WHIP-LITE System
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Aladdin WHIP-LITE System

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  • Verkäufer: Aladdin
  • Produktart: LED
  • EAN: 8809496044008

Every good filmset needs an Aladdin WHIP-LITE. This flexible bi-color LED panel is designed to fill the gaps.

* Looks pretty badass
* BI-Color: 2900°K-6200°K
* Can be hidden on set
* Breathtaking reflexes
* High CRI
* Free APP

The Aladdin WHIP-LITE is truly unique. It is a flexible 120W bi-color LED light for special use. It’s made of the long-lasting Aladdin fabric, that is well-known from the FABRIC-LITE & BI-FABRIC. The dimension of 334 x 17cm (11 x 0.6ft) already indicates, that’s no ordinary light.


The WHIP-LITE can for example be hidden in kitchens or behind counters to create incredible light details within a minute. Compared to LED tubes the WHIP-LITE is lightweight and can be rolled for transportation, making it an amazing tool for traveling. Another marvelous application is using the Aladdin WHIP-LITE for uncommonly long reflections in the eye. Create once in a lifetime looks with just one extra light source. The panel can be controlled on the dimmer unit that is attached on the back of the panel, using the free app or with the additional dimmer-unit (not in the kit). Each panel has got several eyelets and velcro on its back, giving you the option to mount it quick and easily.

* Light Source: Super high CRI Power LED’s 120W
* CRI: CRI 97 / TLCI 98
* Color Temperature: 2900°K – 6300°K
* Beam Angle: 140°
* Size: 334 x 17cm (11 x 0.6ft)
* Input: AC/DC 12-15V / 90-240V