Aladdin 200W Bi-Color Panel (FABRIC-LITE 200)
Aladdin 200W Bi-Color Panel (FABRIC-LITE 200)
Aladdin 200W Bi-Color Panel (FABRIC-LITE 200)
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Aladdin 200W Bi-Color Panel (FABRIC-LITE 200)

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At the IBC show in Amsterdam this past September, we introduced yet another revolutionary product to add to the Aladdin line – the all new FABRIC-LITE. This innovative new variable bi-color fabric system, as the name implies, is completely flexible, foldable and offers great flexibility for transport. Mounting options for the FABRIC-LITE are virtually limitless, including all types of butterfly, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to the integrated Velcro and grommets. Each 3x3-foot fabric panel can be used separately, or combined with others to create panels as large as 12x12 feet. There are two power options for the FABRIC-LITE (200-watts and 350-watts).



- 1 x 200W Bi-Color Panel


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