Conecarts Rocket Medium
Conecarts Rocket Medium
Conecarts Rocket Medium
Conecarts Rocket Medium
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Conecarts Rocket Medium

CHF 2,749.00
Inkl. MwSt. ( ab CHF 50.- Gratis Lieferung )

ConeCarts Rocket is an aluminum cart that, when collapsed, can be moved like a trolley. The cart is compact when collapsed and can be stored anywhere, even in tight spaces.

Rocket’s lateral drop-down lid allows you to quickly and easily transform it into a work station.

Each shelf has a black fabric mat with the ConeCarts® logo embroidered on it which guarantees greater protection of the cart and tools.

Technical info:

  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1125x640x980 mm
  • Dimensions closed (L x W x H): 1125x640x170 mm
  • Useful shelf dimensions (W x D): 1018×608 mm
  • Load capacity per shelf: 100.00 kg
  • Cart load capacity: 200.00 kg
  • Weight: 40.00 kg


The following accessories can also be purchased separately:

  • LARGE side tray
  • SMALL side tray
  • Cable hook
  • Threaded metal plate (the cart houses up to a maximum of 3)