Creamsource Mini+ Bender High CRI Gaffer Kit (V-Lock)
Creamsource Mini+ Bender High CRI Gaffer Kit (V-Lock)
Creamsource Mini+ Bender High CRI Gaffer Kit (V-Lock)
Creamsource Mini+ Bender High CRI Gaffer Kit (V-Lock)
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Creamsource Mini+ Bender High CRI Gaffer Kit (V-Lock)

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The Creamsource Mini + comes with all the same features as the popular Creamsource Doppio+ in a compact 1×1 form factor, ideal for location or Outside Broadcast work.

Creamsource is a High Power LED luminaire designed for the Film and Television industries. Equally comfortable on location or in the studio, Creamsource is a truly versatile lighting tool.

A large output area creates the unique quality of ‘wrapping’ your subject in soft light, while the powerful LED engine provides intensity and throw to rival a small HMI fixture. Only Creamsource can provide this mix of light properties in such a small form factor.

Precision optics provide a consistent beam with naturally soft edges, while a wide selection of light control tools are available to shape and cut the beam to achieve exactly the look you require.

With exceptional build quality, it has been engineered for years of reliable service. Creamsource is becoming an industry standard for lighting professionals around the world.



  • 155W Bi-Color (2700 to 6500K) LED Panel
  • 60 LEDs with CRI/TLCI 95
  • Flicker-Free to 1000 fps
  • 0-100% Smooth Dimming
  • DMX Compatible
  • Master/Slave Configuration via XLR
  • Passive Cooling for Silent Operation
  • 13° Beam Angle/Included 30° Lens
  • Strobe, Lightning & Timed-Flash Control



  • Doppio+ Mini Bender Fixture
  • 160W Power Supply for Creamsource Mini Doppio LED Panels
  • Creamsource Standard yoke for Doppio Mini
  • Creamsource Micro Power Supply Lead (9.8′)
  • Creamsource 60-Degree Medium-Wide Angle Holographic Lens for Mini
  • IEC US Power Cable
  • Creamsource Gel Frame for Doppio Mini(Empty)
  • Creamsource Soft Padded Case with Rigid Internal Shell for Mini
  • Creamsource DoPchoice Snapbag Softbox for Mini
  • Creamsource Creamtwist Wired Remote for Doppio & Mini Doppio LED Panels
  • Creamsource Dual V-Lock Battery Mounting Plate for Mini
  • Creamsource Medium Dome Diffuser