Creamsource Micro Colour Pro Kit (V-Lock)
Creamsource Micro Colour Pro Kit (V-Lock)
Creamsource Micro Colour Pro Kit (V-Lock)
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Creamsource Micro Colour Pro Kit (V-Lock)

CHF 1,697.00
Inkl. MwSt. ( ab CHF 50.- Gratis Lieferung )

The Creamsource Micro Colour features calibrated red, green, blue and white LEDs (RGBW) – so as well as producing beautiful white light in any CCT from 2,200K to 15,000K, it also has green/magenta adjustment and can produce vivid, saturated colours.


The Micro Colour has a 20 degree beam angle for maximum punch, fan-free cooling for silent operation, and is water resistant so it can be used in all weather (IP65 rated). It is lightweight yet rugged, quick to rig and its compact form factor means it can squeeze into small spaces on set.

Download DMX Table

Download Specification Sheet

* Micro Color Bender Fixture
* Creamsource Yoke for Micro
* Creamsource Power Supply for Micro
* Creamsource Micro Power Supply Lead (3m/9.8′)
* Creamsource Power Supply Mounting Plate for Micro (V Mount)
* Lens 20°/ 60° / 100°
* Dome
* Barndoor
* Hardcase