Creamsource Vortex4 325W Colour Including Yoke
Creamsource Vortex4 325W Colour Including Yoke
Creamsource Vortex4 325W Colour Including Yoke
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Creamsource Vortex4 325W Colour Including Yoke

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Get high-end production value with a wide range of colors, effects, and illumination settings with the Vortex4 1x1 RGBW LED Light from Creamsource. This all-in-one lighting system features a punchy 20° beam producing a whopping 7300 lux at 9.8', full RGBW spectrum LEDs, full hue/saturation control, 0 to 100% dimming control, and a CRI/TLCI of 95. The fixture can be used either as a hard light or a soft light with a Creamsource diffuser or dome, and the light has a color temperature range of 2200 to 15000K with four independently controllable zones.

The Vortex4 also offers a Vortex Connect feature that includes built-in LumenRadio TimoTwo, Ethernet with sACN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5-pin DMX, USB Type-A, and a Creamsource Accessory port, enabling a wide range of control possibilities and future protocol support. Additionally, effects, color gels, and the latest FrameSync technology are built into the latest CreamOS architecture. Rigging points have been built into the fixture to accommodate rapid rigging of a large array of units, and the Vortex4 is IP65 water-resistant and sealed for security and efficiency.

Bright LED Rivaling HMI
Vortex4 is a 325W high-power RGBW LED all-in-one lighting system in a 1x1 configuration. It achieves a very bright 7300 lux at 9.8' and has an ultra-narrow 20° beam angle.
Effects and Colors
Effects, digital color gels, and FrameSync technology are built into the latest CreamOS architecture in addition to a range of new features wrapped into an intuitive user interface.
High-Speed Capability
The 5000 fps functionality enables flicker-free operation in High-Speed Mode.
Sync input for triggering and syncing to the camera shutter.
IP65 Weather Resistant
The Vortex4 is built and designed to withstand all weather conditions and is rated IP65. The Vortex4 is an ultraquiet fan-based system with optimum thermal efficiency. The fan system and heatsink placement allow for core electronics to be sealed and isolated.
Interaction between Vortex4 and various third-party instruments and protocols are endless, opening various wired and wireless control options. Vortex Connect connectivity options include built-in LumenRadio TimoTwo, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 5-pin DMX, Wi-Fi, USB Type-A, and a Creamsource Accessory port.
Made of durable aluminum and technopolymer, the Vortex4 features a removable quick release yoke, eight 3/8"-16 rigging points, and an integrated antenna. Also includes dedicated 48 VDC input for battery-powered operation.