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Dedolight  DLED4 40W Focusing LED Light Bi-Color Studio Edition / DMX
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Dedolight DLED4 40W Focusing LED Light Bi-Color Studio Edition / DMX

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Having paved the way with the on-camera Ledzilla LED and the 1x1' stand-mounted Felloni Dedolightcontinues to forge ahead with the introduction of the Studio DLED4.0SE-BI Head with DMX Power Supply (Bicolor) . Again, using aspherical lens elements results in an amazing 1:20 flood to spot ratio with a beam angle of 60 - 4 degrees that delivers 7,050 Lux in spot mode @ 3.0' (at 5,600K) with no UV radiation emitted. A wide angle attachment increases coverage 85 - 54 degrees.

Color balance, always a problem especially when working in mixed lighting, is no problem at all with the DLED4.0-BI. Set your color temperature to 3,200K or 5,600K or anywhere in between. The 5,600K setting is great with HMI and flash sources. The 3,200K setting is perfect for use in areas with dominant ambient light emitted by architectural fixtures and blends well with traditional tungsten hotlights. As is characteristic of LED sources, the DLED4.0-BI generates negligible heat. The DLED4.0SE-BI is powered by the included 100 to 260 VAC DT4.0-1BI-DMX power supply that is conveniently affixed to the yoke. The self-seeking voltage unit can be used virtually anywhere there's electricity and provides stable power that's dimmable from 100 - 20%. Light intensity can also be controlled remotely via DMX. A full line of accessories from scrims and filters to Dedolight Imager projection attachments is available.


State-of-the-art LED light source with features exclusively developed by Dedolight
Dedolight patented aspherical optics
The continuously variable 3,200 - 5,600K LEDs make matching existing light sources a snap
Provides astoundingly high efficiency in output
Unprecedented wider and tighter focusing range
Dedolight clean beam concept. Controlled precision beam with no stray light outside the fixture and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
Complete light-shaping control:
Scrims, graduated gray filters, aspherical wide-angle attachments with rotating barndoor leaves
Dedolight imager projection attachments for light framing, soft edge light framing with eye filters, gobo projection, background effect projection, slide projection
Included DT4.0-1BI-DMX Power Supply (100-260 VAC) provides stable power that's dimmable from 100 - 20% and remote controllable via DMX


- 1 x DLED4.0 LED Daylight Light Head with U-Shaped Studio Yoke

- 1 x DT4-DMX Dedolight Power Supply