Dedolight DLHM4 150W Tungsten Light Head with DMX
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Dedolight DLHM4 150W Tungsten Light Head with DMX

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The self-contained DLHM4-300E 150W Light Head with DMX Control from Dedolight works with a built-in electronic transformer dimmer designed for use on a 230VAC power source. Using 12V lamps from 20 to 150 watts and powered directly from an AC power source. This version of the Dedolight head offers one color temperature of 3000K as well as a DMX connection for remote control over the light.

The DLHM4 light offers tremendous lamp economy and dependability, with a typical 100W lamp lasting over 1000 hours. The DLHM should not be operated upside down for extended periods.

The new "4" series has dramatically improved light output over the DLH3 series.
20:1 flood to spot ratio, providing a 4.5-40° beam spread.
New design of lenses and reflectors.


Max wattage: 150 W

Focus angle: 48°–4.5°
Focus intensity: 1:20

Cable length: 5 m (16.4’)
ON/OFF: In line switch

Mounting: To any 16 mm (5/8 “) stud
Operating position: Any except upside down

Weight: 1020 g (2.2 lb.)


- 1 x DLHM4-300DMX Light Head 150W Halogen

- 1 x 5 m AC Power Cable with in-line switch