Dedolight Basic 3-Light Tungsten Kit
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Dedolight Basic 3-Light Tungsten Kit

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The DLH4 light head forms the core of the Dedolight Basic 3-Light Kit. It's extremely compact, yet (with its dual-lens concept) provides high light output. With a 150W lamp in the flood position, its light output is greater than a 300W Fresnel studio fixture. In the spot position, it equals or exceeds a 1000W Fresnel studio fixture. The inexpensive, specially designed lamps provide precision beam aim, coupled with long life expectancy. Each light head is equipped with a power supply/control unit and a 150W lamp at a nominal voltage of 24V. Its AC power input is set for 230-240 AC voltage.

The KA24 Basic 150W/24V Tungsten Kit includes the following:


- 3 x DLH4 Light Head Aspherics
- 3 x DT24-1 Dimmable Electronic Power Supply 24V
- 4 x DBD8 Barn Door
- 4 x DST Stand
- 1 x DH2 Wall Holder
- 1 x CLAMP1
- 6 x DL150 Halogen Lamp 24V/150W
- 1 x DLBOX Plastic Box
- 1 x DCHDKA1 Transport Hard Case

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