Dedolight Basic 'Compact' kit, 2 x 24 V / 150 W (DLH4/DLHM4-300E), 1 x DLH1000S-E, 1 x DT24-1E 
(230 V AC, European cable)
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Dedolight Basic 'Compact' kit, 2 x 24 V / 150 W (DLH4/DLHM4-300E), 1 x DLH1000S-E, 1 x DT24-1E (230 V AC, European cable)

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The Dedolight Basic Compact 3-Light Kit features two dimmable focusing lights and one softbox light, along with light-shaping devices such as filter holders, gel filters, and barndoors.

The DLHM4-300E is a 150W fixture with an on-board dimmer. The DLH4 is a fixture with an external dimmer that may run from AC, or your car's battery with the included cigarette adapter cable. The DLH1000S is an open-face fixture with integral speed ring adapter that accepts the included small (16 x 22") silver-interior softbox. This kit is designed for operation on 120 VAC.

Ideal for the very small, mobile video crew.
The padded soft case provides protection of the kit components during transport and storage.
It measures: 23.6 x 9.5 x 10" (60 x 24 x 25.5 cm).All necessary bulbs are provided, plus extras for the DLH4 and DLH400-3.Paketinhalt:
- 1 x DLH4 Dedolight focusing light head tungsten 100/150W

- 1 x DLHM4-300 Dedolight 150W focusing light head with dimmable power supply

- 1 x DLH1000S Dedolight soft light head

- 1 x DT24-1 Dedolight Power supply / dimmer

- 1 x DSBSS Dedoflex small softbox with silver interior

- 1 x Dedolight battery cable xlr to 4pin for DLH4

- 1 x DCAR3 Cigarette lighter cable for DLH3, DLH4

- 2 x DBD8 Standard Barn Door (eight leaves)

- 2 x DFH Gel Filter Holder

- 1 x DGMD Filter Set 3x3 Mixed Diffusion

- 3 x DST Compact Light Stand

- 4 x DL150 150W/24V Lamp

- 2 x DL100 100W/12V Lamp

- 1 x 100W Lamp

- 1 x DSC1 Soft Case