Dedolight DLED 2 20W Bi-Color LED Kit (Shoe Mount)
Dedolight DLED 2 20W Bi-Color LED Kit (Shoe Mount)
Dedolight DLED 2 20W Bi-Color LED Kit (Shoe Mount)
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Dedolight DLED 2 20W Bi-Color LED Kit (Shoe Mount)

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The Dedolight DLED2.1HSM-BI Bi-Color LED Light Head is a focusable LED light with a high CRI of >91 and a shoe mount. This model features an adjustable color temperature of 2,800 to 6,000K for providing a quality light that can be used in a wide range of situations, especially with the ability to focus the beam angle from 50 to 5°. The light is dimmable without any color shift and offers tilt control with adjustable friction.

Being an LED fixture it has exceptionally low power draw of just 25W with an output of 5250 lux at a distance of 3' with a spot beam angle. Accessories can easily be fitted on a 2.3" diameter holder and the light features passive cooling, meaning it doesn't require noisy fans to run. It also is lightweight at 1.8 lb for effective use as an on-camera light.


1 x DLED2HSM-BI Focusing 20W LED bicolor light head with shoe mount for video cameras and build-in electronics

1 x DLED2-BS Battery holder SONY NP-F for DLED2 and DLED2HSM models with built-in electronics (DLB-NPF950 recommended)

1 x DBDS8 Standard 8-leaf barn door for DLED2 light heads

1 x DLPS12-30 AC power supply 12V / 30W / 2.5A

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