Dedolight 90W Turbo LED Light Kit Bi-Color (AC Operation)
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Dedolight 90W Turbo LED Light Kit Bi-Color (AC Operation)

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The actual light sources have now nearly doubled in performance in a housing similar to our DLED4 (40 W unit), but now operated with 2 x 90 W in the bicolor version. Although these light heads provide significantly higher light output, and in spite of the added cooling devices, the weight of these light heads is still identical with the original DLED4, 40 W light head. Only the ballast has grown somewhat, to accommodate the increased power. Alternative power supplies still allow battery operation. The bicolor versions are continuously adjustable from 2700K all the way to 6500K. Pure monocolor versions in daylight or tungsten are also available.

The noise level of the whisper cooling will surprise you – even under the most critical conditions. Kits can include soft boxes, imager/projection attachments. Complete 3-light-kits (DLED7) with plenty of accessories are still light enough for checked-in baggage on flights, packed in super sturdy cases with wheels and pull-out handle.


- 1 x DLED7-BI Focusing 90W TURBO LED light head, bicolor

- 1 x DT7-BI Power supply with digital display for Kelvin values for DLED7-BI TURBO light heads (90 - 264 V AC, European cable)

- 1 x DPLS Light shield ring

- 1 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)