Dedolight 200W Soft Light Kit (Panaura 3)
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Dedolight 200W Soft Light Kit (Panaura 3)

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The Dedolight DLH200S is a dedicated 200-watt HMI Soft Light fixture only. When used with an optional Dedoflex, Photoflex, or Chimera softbox, the Dedolight DLH200S provides two times the light output when compared to any softbox mounted to a Fresnel fixture. It provides perfectly even light distribution.

This fixture is designed to work with the Dedolight ballast (DEB200), available separately. Included, is an integral Speed Ring for Dedoflex medium, and Octodome softboxes. HMI or tungsten-halogen bulb is not included.

Hot Restrike
No waiting to resume work after shutting off the fixture; it also has auto-cut-off when protective tube is missing or damaged.
Softboxes Available
Compatible with Chimera Video Pro Series (NOT Pro II or Pro Plus), Photoflex Small and Medium White, or Silver Domes (NOT Lite Domes).
Compatible with Photoflex Medium Octodome, with optional D8CLIP.


- 1 x DLH200SDT Soft light head, 200 W daylight/tungsten

- 1 x HTP200S High temperature resistant pouch for DLH200SDT

- 1 x DPOW200DT Cable, light head to ballast, 7m (23')

- 1 x DEB200DT Flicker-free electronic ballast, 200 W, incl. AC power cable (A / E / G / J / U. 90 - 264 V AC, please specify power connector of "DCAB3A" cable )

- 1 x DLPA3 dedolight Panaura 3, compact, for 8 hole DLH200SDT only. Complete Panaura dome with all diffusers.

- 1 x DL200DHR-NB Daylight lamp, 200 W, 70 V, Socket GZY9.5, 200 hours, 5500 K, 16000 lm

- 1 x DCAB3A AC power cable for DLEDRAMA, DEB200DT, DEB1200D, DT4x140 power supplies, 2,5 m, European connector

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