Dedolight 400/575W Soft Light Kit (Panaura 7)
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Dedolight 400/575W Soft Light Kit (Panaura 7)

CHF 9,443.00
Inkl. MwSt.

Full Power Daylight / Full Power Tungsten light

Convertible by simple lamp change.

Two separately switchable and dimmable Daylight lamps 575 W.
Two separate ballasts, flicker-free.

Our newly developed Tungsten Metal Halogen Lamp offers a light output identical to the daylight lamp – 80 Lumen per Watt. This equals 4 times the light output in comparison to a traditional Tungsten halogen lamp.
These new dedolight Tungsten metal halogen lamps are fully compatible with our daylight lamps.
Hot restrike and fully compatible identical ballasts.

Higher Output

Eventhough we do not favor the hotspot philosophy, we still have
140 percent light level in the center compared to a 5000 W Tungsten Fresnel with a Chimera and we use only 1150 W.

250 percent light level towards the rim compared to a 5000 W Tungsten
Fresnel with Chimera soft box – and we use only 1150 W.

PanAura compares favorably with a Chimera softbox on a 2.5 kW HMI
studio light – more light, and we use only 1150 W.

Keep them cool

It’s not only the energy saving aspect (1150 Watt versus 5 kW), it’s heat on your talent – half the heat. And it’s extra energy saving for your air conditioning.

Size and Depth

Shooting in a very large studio with a generous budget, it may be possible that the size, depth, power consumption, light efficiency, unnecessary heat generation and additional climatization costs are not very important.
Shooting in confined spaces, in practical locations, the depth of the fixture can decide whether this valuable tool for light creation can be used at all. When there is a limited budget, the light efficiency, heat generation, power consumption, set-up and breakdown time can be of importance.

Most Important

…is the light quality, the true soft light character. Here, our concept of the dedicated soft lights with true wraparound character can offer serious advantages to the image creator.


- 1 x DLHPA7x2DT Soft light head for two lamps 400/575 W daylight or tungsten, incl. UV protection glass

- 1 x DPOW400DT Cable, light head to ballast, 7m (23')

- 2 x DEB402DT Flicker-free electronic ballast, 400/575 W, incl. AC power cable

- 1 x DLPA7 dedolight Panaura 7 textile reflector, fits: DLRAP7, DLHPA7x2DT, DLHPA7x2T. Complete Panaura 7 dome with all diffusers.

- 2 x DL400DHR-NB Lamp, 400 W daylight, 67 V, Socket GZZ9.5, 750 hours, 6200 K, 33000 lm

- 2 x DCAB3IEC AC cable for DEB402DT ballast, 2,5 m, European connector

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