Dedolight DLED4-BI - 3 Light DLED Kit - BICOLOR (BASIC)
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Dedolight DLED4-BI - 3 Light DLED Kit - BICOLOR (BASIC)

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The Dedolight Bi-Color LED 3-Light Basic Kit offers a complete mains-powered three LED light head setup with a Dedoflex mini softbox, three mains power supplies, three DST stands and a soft case for carrying. This provides you with a compact, yet powerful light capable of 2, 800-6, 000K that is focusable from 60 to 4deg.. The light is also dimmable and has an excellent CRI of >91 for excellent color rendition. Additionally, the light has tilt with permanent friction and cools passively, meaning no loud fans to interrupt shooting. The DLED4.1 will output up to 10100 lux at 3' while in spot mode.

- State-of-the-art LED light source with features exclusively developed by Dedolight
- The continuously variable 3,200 - 5,600 K LEDs make matching existing light sources a snap
- Dedolight patented aspherical optics
- Provides astoundingly high efficiency in output
- Unprecedented wider and tighter focusing range
- Dedolight clean beam concept. Controlled precision beam with no stray light outside the fixture and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
- Complete light-shaping control:
    • Scrims, graduated gray filters, aspherical wide-angle attachments with rotating barndoor leaves

    • Dedolight imager projection attachments for light framing, soft edge light framing with eye filters, gobo projection, background effect projection, slide projection


- 3 x DLED4-BI dedolight focusing LED light head, bicolor.

- 3 x DT4-BI Power supply for DLED4 bicolor light heads.

- 3 x DPLS Light shield ring.

- 3 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves).

- 1 x DLSR70 Speed ring for CLASSIC Series and DLED4 light heads.

- 1 x DSBSXS dedoflex mini soft box 30x30x23cm (12x12x9").

- 1 x DLGRIDXS Grid (40°), fits mini soft box.

- 3 x DST dedolight stands.

- 1 x DSC1 / 1-200 Soft case small. Size: 65 x 24 x 36 cm . Weight: 13,7 kg