Dedolight 1 Light Spotlight Kit
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Dedolight 1 Light Spotlight Kit

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his Dedolight Mono 150 watt, 1 spotlight kit features the self-contained 150 watt, 230 volt Dedolight DLHM, which works with its built-in electronic transformer dimmer. This version of the Dedolight head offers one color temperature of 3000°K.

The DLHM4-300E light offers tremendous lamp economy and dependability, with a typical 150W lamp lasting over 1000 hours. (In contrast to the older DLH2, the DLHM should not be operated upside down for extended periods.)

This kit includes a 4 leaf barndoor set, filter holder, an extra bulb, and soft kit case. Add a light stand, gel filters and a DP1 Projection Attachment to complete this kit.

Compact size with light output equal to much larger light sources
Project background patterns with optional projection attachment and lenses
Clean beam with no stray light means very even light distribution
Choice of lamp wattage
Precision control of color temperature with the included dimmable power supply
Soft kit case for transport and storage


- 1 x DLHM4-300 Light head, 24 V / 150 W tungsten, with built-in transformer

- 1 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)

- 1 x DFH Gel filter holder

- 2 x DL150 Halogen lamp 24 V / 150 W, blackened

- 1 x DSCM Soft case, mono

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