Dedolight Panaura 5 - 400/575W Daylight Kit
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Dedolight Panaura 5 - 400/575W Daylight Kit

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This is a 400 watt HMI Octodome Soft Light Kit. The Dedolight DL400S provides perfectly even light distribution. When used with the included 5' diameter Dedoflex Octodome softbox, it provides two times the light output when compared to any softbox mounted to a Fresnel fixture.

The DLH400S is designed to work with the included multi-voltage, dimmable 400 watt Dedolight ballast. The ballast is lightweight and compact, and functions with 90-260 AC voltage, and dims the light to 40% of full power. Rounding out this kit, is aballast mounting bracket, light stand, super clamp, 400 watt HMI bulb, and soft kit case.

      - Hot-restrike socket allows on-off switching without waiting for cool down.

      - Active power factor correction in ballast assures constant Kelvin temperature - throughout dimming range, and with different line current voltage..

      - Auto power cut-off when protective tube is missing or damaged.

      - Ballast mounting clamp fits onto the light stand; it holds thaballast and makes moving from each shooting location easier.

      - Octodome is extremely flat - 16" deep, making it ideal for confined spaces.

      - Soft, padded, divided case holds all the kit components - makes transport and storage easy.

    - It measures 37 x 13.4 x 7.9" (94 x 34 x 20cm).


- 1 x DLH400SDT Soft Light Head, 400/575W daylight/tungsten

- 1 x HTP400S High Temperature resistant pouch for DLH400SDT

- 1 x DEB402DT Flicker-free electronic ballast, 400/575W

- 1 x DEB400H Ballast Holder with CLAMP-D

- 1 x DPOW400DT Cable, light head to ballast, 7m

- 1 x Dl400DHR-NB Metal-Halide Lamp 400/575W daylight

- 1 x DLPA5 Dedolight Panaura 5

- 1 x DST400S dedolight stackable stand, small

- 1 x Soft case for Panaura 5 Kits