Freefly Alta X 12S Flight Packs - 16AH (Pair)
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Freefly Alta X 12S Flight Packs - 16AH (Pair)

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Power your Alta X with the batteries we use, that fit perfectly! Recharge rapidly using an XT-90-capable LiPo battery charger, available separately.

Each Alta X flight requires a pair of 12S batteries. Flight times will vary based on payload and flight conditions. See Alta X Flight Manual for estimated times by payload. 

Sold as a pair. 


  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Capacity: 16Ah
  • Voltage: 44.4V
  • Connector: XT90S
  • Max Continuous Discharge: 320A
  • Max Burst Discharge: 640A
  • Max Charge Voltage: 4.2V per cell
  • Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3.0 per cell
  • Dimensions: 209 x 158 x 85.8mm
  • Weight: 4360g each

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