Freefly Replacement CCW Boom for Alta X
Freefly Replacement CCW Boom for Alta X
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Freefly Replacement CCW Boom for Alta X

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A prepared operator is the best kind of operator. With this replacement boom and motor, you can replace clockwise booms 1 or 3 in the field to minimize downtime in the event of damage.

Replacing booms requires opening of the chassis. This task should be performed by someone with sound mechanical ability and willing assumption of risk if not installed properly.

Contact Freefly Support for assistance in assessing the damage beyond the boom or motor. Instructions for installation can be found in the Alta X Flight Manual in the Maintenance section.



  • 1x CCW boom and motor assembly
  • 1x Cable management plug
  • 2x Boom alignment cards (one for motor, one for chassis)

Does not include props, ActiveBlade or loctite (type 243 or equivalent)