Freefly Systems Futaba 14SG**
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Freefly Systems Futaba 14SG**

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Futaba's 14SG is a 14-channel radio system that pairs perfectly with the Freefly ALTA. With revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest technology on-board, it's a system with rock-solid construction and an ergonomic feel designed to minimize flyer fatigue. It's also compatible with Futaba FASST and S-FHSS protocols, so you can fly with virtually any set of 2.4GHz air receiver Futaba produces.

The ALTA was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of two receivers which is why a second receiver is included with this system. Get the most out of your new ALTA with the advanced customizability and solid build that the 14SG provides.

* 2.4 GHz FASSTest Modulation
* Highly customizable Programming
* 30 Model Memory with 10 Character Names
* Memory Expandable with SD/SDHC Card
* Programming Port and Earphone Jack
* Mode 2 Configuration
* Two (2) R7008SB Receivers Included
* Battery and Charger Included
* SGH Model