CCW Single Motor Propeller Set with ActiveBlade
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CCW Single Motor Propeller Set with ActiveBlade

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This is a balanced counter-clockwise replacement prop set for a single motor, including the ActiveBlade hub, for booms 1 or 3.

Activeblade compensates for the dissymmetry of lift and cyclic loading as the ALTA blasts across the sky. In our testing ActiveBlade reduced peak vibration levels to 1/5th of their normal level which allows for better flight performance and reliability.

Reference the Alta X Flight Manual Maintenance section for instructions for removing and installing replacement prop sets.



  • 1x CCW Prop set with ActiveBlade
  • 4x M3x8 SHCS Fasteners (to install ActiveBlade to motor)
  • 2x 10mm ActiveBlade Bumpers (gray)

Does not include Loctite required for installation (243 or equivalent)