Fxlion MEGA BATTERY PLUS - 48V / 1232Wh
Fxlion MEGA BATTERY PLUS - 48V / 1232Wh
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Fxlion MEGA BATTERY PLUS - 48V / 1232Wh

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48V+28V+15V,1232Wh; Output 28V/40A(Max)

FX-HP-7224-48D PLUS
* Using high power li-ion battery for electronic vehicle, working current high
* The battery working better in cold weather, power 60% available under -30℃, much efficient than normal li-ion battery.
* Li-ion battery, optimal energy and volume ratio
* Working current up to 40A max, portable power solution for high power lighting and film gears.
* Protection chips for high power battery; Intelligent PCB design for over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current protection.
* Chargeable li-ion battery, no memory effect
* Working temperature: -30°C~+55°C

* We offer customize service for different capacity and voltage. Different DC output can be customized according to customer’s need. 730Wh,1250wh higher capacity battery can be customized.
* Max current 40A for 28V output
* 48V,28V,15V outputs can work at same time
* Fit for 100W /200W /400W and above high power LED lights, film lights and 15V/28V gears.
* Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.
* Own-design inside circuit board,quality controllable.
* Reliable cooperator of you!

Technical Info
* Capacity: 24Ah /1232Wh
* Output 1: 48V
* Output 2: 28V/40A(MAX)
* Output 3: 15V/8A(MAX)
* Charging time: PL-7115 ~H
* Dimension: 221.5(L)mm×152(W)mm×174(H)mm
* Weight: 10000g