HIVE 3-Linsen Set 9.5
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HIVE 3-Linsen Set 9.5" für Super Spot Reflektor

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Using the Rocco’s Opti-Sculpt filters mounted into 9.5” durable aluminum rings, Hive’s 3 lens set provides precise angular beam control. Paired with Hive’s C-Series and CX Series Super Spot Reflector when mounted on the 25-C, 50-C, 100-C, 100-CX, 200-C and 200-CX these lenses accurately control and shape the light with increased brightness over traditional diffusion filters. Combining Hive’s reflector technology with Rosco’s unique, proprietary process the result is engineered light distribution that has been laboratory tested for accuracy and repeatability.

Inside the Box:
  • Carrying Bag
  • Medium Lens
  • Wide Lens
  • Super Wide Lens

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