HIVE Grid Kit für Clip On Fresnels
HIVE Grid Kit für Clip On Fresnels
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HIVE Grid Kit für Clip On Fresnels

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This grid kit includes 10, 20, and 30 degree grids; andgrid holder. Ideal for controlling spill with the hive Clip On Fresnels or with hive’s open face fixtures this grid kit snaps onto the front face of Hive’s CX and C-Series lights.


Inside the Box:

  • 10 degree grid
  • 20 degree grid
  • 30 degree grid
  • Grid holder



  • Controls light beam angle
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use
  • Without grid, mounting ring controls spill from Hive Clip on Fresnels
  • With Grids controls beam angle in combination with Clip on Fresnels OR with open face C or CX Series lights



  • All CX and C-Series lights
  • Lights that use Hive Clip on Fresnel sets