HIVE Honey Beauty Mirror
HIVE Honey Beauty Mirror
HIVE Honey Beauty Mirror
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HIVE Honey Beauty Mirror

CHF 3,165.00
Inkl. MwSt.

The Hive Honey Mirror is a tunable LED light mirror that can reproduce any color in high fidelity. Easily tune color temperature using the manual knob, or use the Hive S.H.O.T App to recreate any saturated or white light environment. Full spectrum, and wide gamut, the Honey Mirror is perfect for double-checking a look in any situation. Equally useful for completing a morning touch-up at home, or to perfecting FX make-up big-budget shoot.

The tunable color of the Honey Mirror replicates the color and beauty of full spectrum sunlight. Look your best in any light, ahead of time.

  • VOLTAGE: 120V
  • WATTAGE: 70W
  • LUMENS: 6,000 Lm
  • CRI: 90+
  • LENGTH: 32.25”
  • WIDTH: 31”
  • DEPTH: 8”
  • WEIGHT: 50 lbs

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