HIVE 7' Octagonal Softbox (Large)
HIVE 7' Octagonal Softbox (Large)
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HIVE 7' Octagonal Softbox (Large)

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The HIVE LIGHTING Large Octagonal Softbox for Wasp and Bee - 7' is compatible with the Wasp and Bee 1000 and 250 plasma lights and works to render soft flattering light with manageable contrast. The Octagonal Softbox for Wasp and Bee offers a large surface area to give a wrap-around quality of light when used for close-ups and in portraiture.

The softbox has a soft silver interior for high output as well as a removable front diffuser and a removable inner baffle to offer variations on contrast. The baffle has a unique graduated design to ensure edge-to-edge evenness.

* Requires a speedring (not included) and uses Hive WPP-8SR or BPF-8SR or any 6.5 or 6-5/8" eight-point speed ring made for Hive.