HIVE Plasma Par 250 HDP 3er Linsen Set
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HIVE Plasma Par 250 HDP 3er Linsen Set

CHF 250.00
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The Holographic Diffusing Polycarbonate (HDP) lenses offer high-quality diffusion in a lightweight, durable body for Hive’s Plasma Par and Maxi systems.  The HDP lenses are crafted from a rigid polycarbonate that utilizes patented surface microstructures to shape light effectively.   The resulting beam angles are identical to traditional glass lenses, but from a lens that will not break or shatter, is a fraction of the weight, and transmits 20-40% more light than their glass counterparts.


3 lens set includes:
  • 15 x 30  degree medium
  • 10 x 40 degree wide
  • 50 degree super wide
  • Nylon bag

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