HIVE Rectangular Softbox (Small)
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HIVE Rectangular Softbox (Small)

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Hive Lighting’s rectangular soft boxes produced by Chimera offer the simple set-up and durable material that has made this fellow American manufacturer the trusted brand in light banks.  Featuring a soft silver interior the light modifier allows the light source to fill the front diffusion screen while still providing an effective beam of light.  Included with each light bank are four poles, a removable internal 1/8 grid baffle, one 1/8 grid front screen and a carry sack. This soft box also has a built in “lip” around the edges to help control light spill. The lip also facilitates the attachment of optional honeycomb grids, fabric grids, and louvers. Hive Lighting’s rectangular soft box measures 24 x 32″.

This size is recommended for the Wasp 100-C, Hornet 200-C, and Wasp 250 Plasma light.

Dimensions: 24″ x 32″ (61 x 81 cm) Rectangular
Inside the Box:
  • removable face
  • removable baffle
  • accepts grids
  • requires speed ring

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