Noga DG Arm mit Bottom (1/4-20) Ext. Top (1/4
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Noga DG Arm mit Bottom (1/4-20) Ext. Top (1/4"-20) + Quick Release

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The aluminum Standard Noga Mounting Arm The DG9014 Cine Arm DG Hold-It Arm with AD4000 Quick Release Adapter from Noga allows you to mount accessories such as a monitor or light on a camera with a 1/4"-20 slot. The 3-joint mounting arm features a 1/4"-20 screw on one end and quick-release adapter on the other. It also features a central locking ratchet lever that locks the arm in place. The quick-release adapter features a 1/4" male thread and utilizes pull-to-release mechanism for quickly mounting accessories or arm.

- Central locking ratchet lever
- Integrated AD4000 quick-release adapter with pull-to-release mechanism
- 1/4"-20 male threads on both ends
- Rugged metal design
- Load capacity of up to 10 lb
- Anodized, black oxide finishis an articulating arm that is 8.3" long and features 1/4" male threads on each end, making it well-suited for mounting various devices.

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