Kinoflo FreeStyle 41GT LED DMX Kit, Univ w/ Travel Case
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Kinoflo FreeStyle 41GT LED DMX Kit, Univ w/ Travel Case

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Kino Flo’s award-winning FreeStyle 41 unleashes your creative side with a quick-release feature to remove the LED panel from the fixture, cutting the weight nearly in half (from 16 lbs/7.3kg to 9.6 lbs/4.4kg) and creating a smaller form factor for better rigging flexibility. The LED panel’s corner bumpers can be used to hang from rope or wire. The panel also takes a Twist-On mount for working on light stands. The Freestyle 41 comes complete with the full color, programmable FreeStyle controller, Head Cable (25ft), Complete Fixture with removable LED panel, and a twist-on KinoGrip Center Mount. Honeycomb 90° or 60° louvers, mounted with Velcro, give direction to the light, and when removed the panel displays a broad soft beam across the set. 

The FreeStyle 41 is known for its >96 white light, full hue and saturation color, cinema gel choices, and RGB chromatic selection via the AC/DC FreeStyle 150Watt controller. It has built-in Lumen Radio® wireless DMX; no extra cost for wireless receiver accessories. The light can also be operated directly up to 50 feet away from the controller via Kino Flo head cables. 
The Freestyle's driver technology achieves bright, soft light with continuous dimming from 100% to 0% on a linear or 
square curve without flicker at higher camera speeds or at varied shutter angles. There is no light level change when shifting 
from 2500K to 9900K, and the color doesn't change when the light levels rise or fall. 

Color and luminosity remain stable over the rated life of the LED's using Kino Flo's advanced True Match® daylight and 
tungsten color management system, which has been an unqualified success since Kino Flo introduced the idea of soft panel 
True Match Celeb Studio LED’s six years ago. Passive cooling keeps the LED’s in good shape for a longer usable life than fixtures that require electric fans.
FreeStyle LED Features

* Kelvin presets
* Dial-in color temperature control between 2500K-9900K
* Green/Magenta Control
* Hue angle and Saturation adjustments
* RGB control
* FX Control
* Works with Apps with predetermined RGB presets or color wheels
* Can use preset buttons to store custom Kelvin settings
* Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings
* No color shift while dimming
* Color-correct with high color rendering index (CRI 95)
* Universal input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC
* Energy efficient, draws 1.25A, 120VAC and 6.25A, 24VDC
* Flicker-free, quiet operation
* Full range onboard and DMX dimming
* DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio®)
* DMX Auto Terminate
FreeStyle LED Design
* Remote fixture with built-in barndoors
* Removable LED panel with center mount and molded corner mounts
* Fixture includes removable 90° Honeycomb Louver
* Honeycomb louver also available in 60° as accessory
* Removable Center Mount
* KinoGrip Center Mount
* Lightweight, slim profile
* Mounts to stand, light enough to be hand-held
* Controller operates remotely with extension cable up to 50ft
1 x CFX-F41T FreeStyle/GT 41 LED Fixture

1 x LED-151X FreeStyle 151 LED DMX Controller

1 x MTP-BG41 Mount w/ Baby Receiver (16mm)

1 x X12-25 Extension, 25ft.

1 x Louver 90°

1 x Travel Case