Kinoflo FreeStyle T44 DMX System, Univ
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Kinoflo FreeStyle T44 DMX System, Univ

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Im Kit enthalten:

- FreeStyle T44 LED Fixture

- FreeStyle 4ft LED Tube (x4)

- KinoGrip 41K Mount w/ 3/8" Pin (10mm)

- Extension, 25ft

- FreeStyle 140 LED DMX Controller, Univ 230U


Kino Flo® Lighting Systems’ True Match® FreeStyle LED tubes are specially designed for operation in FreeStyle T44 fixtures for film production or stage design lighting. The FreeStyle LED tubes display Kino Flo’s True Match white light and RGBWW color management system found in Kino Flo’s LED lighting fixtures. The tubes are 4ft (1.2m). On camera, FreeStyle LED tubes photograph with the same softness, the same subtle color reproduction as Kino Flo’s award-winning T12 high-output lamps. In addition to the >95 photo rendering index, cinematographers will see the difference the 310° LED tube makes when operated in a fixture or out of the fixture as a remote “sabre” of light. Paired with the FreeStyle T44 fixture’s light intensifying reflector, the tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1000W tungsten softlight.