Nanlite MixPad II 11C
Nanlite MixPad II 11C
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Nanlite MixPad II 11C

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The Nanlite MixPad II 11C RGBWW Hard and Soft Light LED Panel is a thin, light-weight 6.5 x 1.4 x 6.5 inch fixture with remarkably bright output relative to its size and the unique ability to switch between a "traditional" multi-LED array, a diffuse SMD LED panel and a tunable RGB array at the push of a button.

Get Studio Quality Lighting
The Nanlite MixPad II 11C features adjustable color temperature from 2700K-6500K with green to magenta shift*, 360 degrees of hue control with 100 levels of color saturation adjustment, an average CRI of 98, and an average TLCI of 95. (*green to magenta shift only available in hard light mode)

And Powerful Output
At a distance of 3.3 ft (1m), the MixPad II 11C emits 842 lux of 5600K balanced light in hard light mode giving you a level of brightness usually found in much larger fixtures.

Plus the Versatility of Three Different LED Light Sources
The the MixPad II 11C can switch between a "traditional" multi-LED array for hard light with more throw, a diffuse SMD LED panel for soft, flattering light, and a tunable RGB array for colorful, creative effects at the push of a button.

From An Exceptionally Slender Panel  
Weighing .75lb and with a width of 1.4 inches, the MixPad II 11C maintains a minimal footprint in any gear bag, on a desktop for video conferencing, or even mounted on a camera.

With Multiple Power Options  
Perfect for use in the studio or on location, the MixPad II 11C can run off either the included AC adapter, Sony NP-F batteries (Not Included), or D-tap cable (Not Included).

Technical info: 

* Size L/W/H: 16.5 x 3.5 x 16.5 cm
* Color Temp: 2700-6500K
* CRI: 95
* TLCI: 93
* Dimming: 0-100%
* Lumen Output 5600K: 905 Lumen
* Lux @ 1m 5600K:  Hard Light Mode - 819 Lux /Soft Light Mode - 141 Lux
* Lux @ 1m 3200K:  Hard Light Mode - 842 Lux/Soft Light Mode - 161 Lux
* Power Source: 7.2V-15V DC
* Max Power Draw: 13w
* Battery: Sony NP-F550 / F970 series (Not Included)
* Battery Run Time at 100% Brightness (approx): NP-F550: 46 mins / NP-F970: 3.3 hours
* Mount: 1/4'' 20 and Cold Shoe

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