NANLITE WiFi Transfer Device
NANLITE WiFi Transfer Device
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NANLITE WiFi Transfer Device

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The CN-W2 Wi-Fi Adapter from Nanlite enables DMX-style control of compatible Wi-Fi lights. Wirelessly control brightness, color, and color temperature with the free iOS or Android app, then create and save lighting scenes for future use.

With an expanded 49.2' range and battery-powered functionality, you can take your network out of the studio and to any location. The added DMX 5-pin connector allows connecting DMX controlled units from the app in addition to Wi-Fi enabled lights.

DMX Connectivity

The CN-W2 features a DMX 5-pin output which provides app control of lights without integrated Wi-Fi

Ethernet Connectivity

The integrated RJ45 connector allows connecting multiple units in Master/Slave functionality

AC/DC Power Operation

Use the included AC power supply for studio applications or Sony NP-F Series batteries for location shoots

Nanlite Product Compatibility

  • PavoTube 30C 4' RGBW LED Tube
  • PavoTube 15C 2' RGBW LED Tube
  • Forza 60 LED Monolight
  • Forza 300 LED Monolight
  • Forza 500 LED Monolight
  • MixPanel 60 RGBWW LED Panel
  • MixPanel 150 RGBWW LED Panel
  • LumiPad 11 Bi-Color Soft LED Panel
  • MixPad 11 Tunable RGB Hard and Soft LED Panel
  • MixPad 27 Tunable RGB Hard and Soft LED Panel
  • MixWand 18 RGB Hard and Soft LED Light Painting Wand
  • Compac 200 Dimmable 5600K Slim Soft Light Studio LED Panel
  • Compac 200B Bi-Color Slim Soft Light Studio LED Panel
  • Halo 16" Ring Light Bi-Color Kit
  • Halo 16C Bi-Color Tunable RGB 16" LED Ring Light

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