NANLITE Eggcrate (Compac 200/200B)
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NANLITE Eggcrate (Compac 200/200B)

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The EC-CP200 eggcrate from NANLITE are specially designed and fitted for our Compac 200 and Compac 200B LED panel lights. This new accessory offers an easy mount design, that allows for quick setup and break down.


A Light Modifier for Compac 200/Compac 200B

The Eggcrate EC-CP200 from NANLITE are great accessories for light shaping purposes and controlling any spill of light, narrowing the beam of light from 120º down to 50º.


Easy to set up and store

The eggcrate is easy to set up which mounts directly on the fixture. Made from a durable fabric that can hold up to frequent use and hold its shape being an effective light shaping tool for years to come. Equipped with a carrying bag, it's foldable and lightweight design make it easy to store and packed in any of your travel case.


  • 70 X 50 X 8 cm / 27.6 X 19.7 X 3.1 in
  • Beam Angle: 50°