NANLITE Remote control
NANLITE Remote control
NANLITE Remote control
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NANLITE Remote control

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The RC-1 Bi-Color Remote Controller from NanLite is a multi-function wireless control accessory that is especially valuable for adjusting lights that are positioned at a distance or hung overhead. The remote can adjust color temperature, brightness from 0 to 100%, hard and soft quality of light, and DMX channel assignment on one or multiple lights. The remote is compatible with Nanlite Forza, PavoTube, Luxpad Soft Panels, Value Series, and Pro Series LED panels.


  • Wirelessly Adjusts Brightness, Color
  • Can Adjust Soft/Hard Light, DMX Address
  • Wireless Control of Multiple Fixtures
  • Compatible w/ NanLite Forza & PavoTubes