Nanlite Round Softbox (Compac 68/68B)
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Nanlite Round Softbox (Compac 68/68B)

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The Compac 68 and 68B Rapid-Fold Collapsible Softbox from Nanlite is specifically designed for the Compac 68 and 68B LED Fixtures. It creates a soft and even light quality and creates natural-looking catchlights in your subject's eyes. This softbox features an easy-to-use pop-open design, and a speedring is not required. It simply opens with a twist of the wrist, tubular magnetic locks maintain the shape of the modifier, and touch fastener straps slip over the fixture to lock the unit into place. A carry bag is included for storage and transport.

* Circular Dimensions: D: 24.0" / D: 61.0 cm (Open)