FXLION Two D-tap fast Charger
FXLION Two D-tap fast Charger
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FXLION Two D-tap fast Charger 16.8V/4A

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Fast D-tap charger PL-3680Q-D2

  • 2 channel D-tap common charger.
  • Compact in size, easy to carry in bag, ideal for travel. Adapted to various charging environments.
  • Power: 80W.
  • Charging indicator light turns from red to green when fully charged.
  • Specifically designed for all Fxlion AN and BP batteries and other brand of V-mount and Gold-mount batteries.
  • No restriction on battery type, compact, light weight, easy to carry.
  • Charging plug is standard D-tap connector.

Technical Info

  • Type: PL-3680Q
  • Input: 100-240VAC 47-63HZ
  • Charging Output: 16.8V/4A
  • Appliable: V-Mount battery / Gold-Mount battery
  • Power: 80W
  • Net Weight: 400g
  • Dimension: 169(L)mm×65(W)mm×41(H)mm

Battery capacity Charging time
100wh battery 2.2h
130wh battery 2.8h
160wh battery 3.2h
190wh battery 3.9h
250wh battery 4.8h

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