Proaim 5/8 Baby Pin System For Camera Cart
Proaim 5/8 Baby Pin System For Camera Cart
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Proaim 5/8 Baby Pin System For Camera Cart

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The Proaim 5/8” Baby Pin Accessory clamps to 1.5”/38mm mast of Proaim Victor Cart. The 5/8” Baby Pin is commonly used in motion picture industry; it accommodates a number of accessories with a 5/8" receiver. This set is made of high-grade aluminum which ensures high durability, stability and exceptional lightness. With two 3/4" holes, you can run with up to two baby pins rods with full height and swing adjustability. Rod comes in 30" length and ø19mm diameter.



- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Rod Length: 30"
- Rod Diameter: 19mm
- Compatible with 1.5”/38mm mast of Cart
- Weighing Capacity On Max height: 5kg /11lb
- Weighing Capacity On Min height: 25kg / 55lb



- 5/8” Baby Pin Rod Mount
- 2 X Clamps

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