Q25 Rainbow 2
Q25 Rainbow 2
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Q25 Rainbow 2

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  • Verkäufer: Quasar
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Introducing the R2, the sequel to the original Rainbow Linear LED Light. This design adds a multitude of new features, while keeping the same sleek, sturdy low-profile shape as many of the legacy Quasar products you have grown to love.

The R2 is offered in three lengths: the Q100R2 at 91 in/232 cm, Q50R2 at 47 in/120 cm and Q25R2 at 23 in/59 cm. All built with multi-pixel control without compromising the clean color or high output that we have always been known for. The Q25R2 offers 10 pixels, the Q50R2 has 24 pixels, and the Q100R2 allows for 48 separate pixels.


We know how important efficiency is on set, so we have upped the caliber and designed the Ossium Mounting System, giving you the most versatility yet.

In collaboration with Key Grip and Hardware Designer, Chuck Smallwood of G-Force Grips, the Rainbow 2 lights include the Ossium Rail and Slider straight out of the box to mount hardware anywhere along the back of the light. It also includes the Ossium Baby Pin to attach onto the Rail or to the Slider, enabling you to position your mounting point in just the right spot.


Color always comes first at Quasar Science, so our RGBx technology enables our lights to score an SSI rating of between 76 in the daylight range and 91 in the Tungsten range, as well as CRI/TLCI scores of 95+ when producing full spectrum white light from 1750k to 10000k and the most intense saturated colors.

Dimming capabilities are just as important for maintaining the accurate color mixing Quasar has always lived up to. Improved fidelity and low end dimming gets every color mix closer to a true 1% intensity than ever before.


The onboard control interface with OLED screen includes the new Output, or “Blackout” button, allowing parameter editing while the light output is disabled.

We’ve also held onto our wired RJ45 passthrough ports giving direct data connection for protocols like DMX, sACN* and ArtNet. Built in Ethernet Node for advanced data networking and studio installations.*

Massive wireless capabilities with CRMX, W-DMX, Bluetooth or WiFi* providing even more choices for wireless data connectivity.


The R2 can be powered through either the universal AC power input for mains power anywhere or the auxiliary DC input for use with power bricks and battery packs.


Model Q25R2 Q50R2 Q100R2
Pixels 10 24 48
Wattage Max 25W Max 50W Max 100W
Weight 1.76lbs (0.8kg) 3.30lbs (1.50kg)  5.84lbs (2.64kg)
Dimensions 23 x 1.75 in (584.2 x 44.45 mm)
46.9 x 1.75 in (1161.7 x 44.45 mm)
90.86 x 1.75 in (2307.8 x 44.45 mm)
Power (vac) 120vac = 0.25 amp
240vac = 0.13 amp
120vac = 0.45 amp
240vac = 0.25 amp
120vac = 0.90 amp
240vac = 0.50 amp
Power (vdc) 12vdc = 2.50 amp
24vdc = 1.30 amp
12vdc = 4.50 amp
24vdc = 2.30 amp
12vdc = n/a
24vdc = 4.80 amp
Control OLED screen with digital interface
Wired Control via Cat5/6
Wireless DMX Control by Lumen Radio CRMX Wireless + -Bluetooth
-Robust Industry Standard
Easy Pairing
Compatible with W-DMX Transmitters
Artnet over Wifi*
Lead/Follow Mode for operation from one tube to control multiple tubes
Power Options Self Ballasted AC range 100VAC to 240VAC via Neutrik True1 connect.
DC range 10VDC to 26VDC via 5.5 x 2.1mm Locking Barrel connect.

*Features to be added in future software updates. See Support Page for More Info



  • 1 - R2 Rainbow 2 Light
  • 1 - Slider
  • 1 - Dual Screw Baby Pin
  • 2 - Q-Boot Bumpers
  • 1 - 8' AC Power Cord
  • 1 - 8' DC Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Shortcut Guide