Rosco DigiComp HD Blue Paint
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Rosco DigiComp HD Blue Paint

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Precision in Color

The DigiComp HD color standards are precisely manufactured for crisp, clean separation of the foreground/background in digital compositing – resulting in little or no post-production "touch-up" needed. Rosco DigiComp HD paints are specially formulated to provide the proper luminance and RGB values for optimum operation of all digital compositing systems. The precise formulation of the single-source pigments found in DigiComp HD paints produces a highly-specific spectral reflectance and high-gain reflectivity, which results in a bright, narrow bandwidth of green or blue that make it both simple to light and easy to key. DigiComp HD saves productions valuable post-production time because Visual Effects technicians spend less time rotoscoping and manipulating a dirty key caused by the spectral interference found in other generic or paint-store mixed formulations.


Easy Application

Rosco’s DigiComp HD formulations are ready for use straight out of the can and provide even coverage in two, easy-to-apply coats. DigiComp HD is intended for use on most porous surfaces, including: wood, wallboard, sheetrock, plaster and concrete. It is always recommended to properly clean, prime and prepare your surface before applying the DigiComp HD paints. Unprimed surfaces may result in uneven color-coverage. DigiComp HD paints can be applied using 3/8” nap roller or a spray gun. For full application instructions, 

Ultra-Flat Finish

 All of Rosco’s keying paints, including DigiComp HD, are manufactured to have an ultra-flat finish, which means there is no sheen or gloss in the finish at all. It’s worth noting that the “flat” finishes available from paint or hardware stores will have some sheen to them when lit for camera – Rosco keying paints will not. This is important because any sheen/gloss in a green screen will appear as white or yellow on camera – not green – and may spoil your key.


Choosing the Proper Color

 DigiComp HD is available in both Green and Blue. Most experts say that if you’re shooting on film – use blue screen because the blue layer of the film emulsion is more sensitive. If you’re shooting digital/HD – use green screen because the chips in most digital/HD cameras are more sensitive to green. However, the subject matter you’re shooting also needs to be considered. Avoid matching the background with the major elements in the foreground. For example, a green screen would be a better choice if the selected set pieces or costumes (such as a blue super-hero suit) contained a lot of blue in them - no matter what medium you’re shooting on.



BINDER TYPE: Water-based, vinyl acrylic

FINISH: Ultra-Flat

DILUTION: Ready for use directly out-of-can

FILM THICKNESS: 2 mils dry film

VOC Content: Max 50g/L  digicomp specs image

SHELF LIFE: Minimum 12 months for an unopened can


Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Prepare surfaces using an appropriate primer. If painting a new plaster surface, prime wall with a primer/sealer designed for raw plaster. For best results use DigiComp HD over a white primer, such as Rosco Tough Prime White. Make sure the prime coat is adequate and that it results in a flat and even surface. Any blotchy areas or roller marks may bleed through and cause an uneven finish coat.


Stir contents very well before and during use. Commercial shaking one day before use is recommended. Rosco DigiComp HD paints come ready to use straight out of the can. Check your batch numbers. Different batches of paint may vary slightly in color. Combine different batch numbers together to maintain color consistency throughout your project. Using a 3/8” nap roller, apply in thin, even, uniform coats, with overlapping strokes - making sure to keep a wet edge. Change roller direction often to avoid patterns and streaking. An appropriate airless spray (HVLP recommended) system may also be used. Make sure to keep the nozzle of the sprayer equidistant from the surface during application. For full application instructions, please see our How To Paint Your Wall/Cyc with DigiComp HD document, or watch the video.


Approx. 300 sq. ft./US gal. (27 sq. m/US gal) Due to the nature of the bright pigments used, two coats of DigiComp HD are recommended for even coverage.


30 minutes to one hour, depending on temperature and humidity. Allow first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.


Wash tools thoroughly with mild soap and water. Close containers tightly after use.



- 1 x Rosco DigiComp HD Blue Paint