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A true Do It Yourself Experience

ATOM slider puts you in total control of your equipment enabling you to customize or upgrade the product by your very own needs.

No more servicing stops, full range of spare parts at your disposal.

Especially designed for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras



Simply the center piece of the system with a stainless steel camera fixing platform (3/8"-16), a solid brake and three holes to accomodate the wheels. It also have a set screw to moderate the amount grip the wheels will have on the bar to allow the most precise calibration.



Best in their class for smoothness and stress resistance. Made of a plastic compound that ensure you hours and hours of pleasant rolling. Each wheel is secured by a corrosion resistant stainless steel shaft.



You can use it in conjunction with the T-Fix to have all the possibility of placements. Use it on the ground or on any flat surface. The knob allows you a quick removal or to secure them in every location along the bar. Rubber dampener below guarantee slip-free operations.



T-Fix allows you to secure firmly the system on every tripod or camera head you want. 4x 1/4"-20 and 1x 3/8"-16 deep holes is all you need to work seamlessly with all of your existent equipment.



Madeof aluminum, completely hollow to pursue the maximum lightness. Designed at FEM with maximum stiffnes in mind. Starting from BAR 35 with a length of 350mm (13.77"), various options will be available up to 750mm.


Atom is entirely made in Italy

Feel the quality of premium materials right in the palm of your hands. Century of the finest italian manufacturing to create the product you deserve. Very accurate CNC process enables precision and accuracy.


Atom Slider is light. That's a fact.

So light that you don't have more excusses to exclude a slider system from your backpack. With its 645g ATOM is one of the lightest yet professional slider on the market today.

Feel the freedom!



- Länge: 750mm

- Gewicht: 645g



- 1 x Core

- 3 x Wheels

- 1 x Bar 75

- 1 x Feet

- 1 x T-Fix

- 1 x Padded Bag 75

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