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Basic Ring Grip for RS 2
Basic Ring Grip for RS 2
Basic Ring Grip for RS 2
Basic Ring Grip for RS 2
Basic Ring Grip for RS 2
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Basic Ring Grip for RS 2

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The Basic Ring Grip for RS 2 allows you further stability when operating the Gimbal and the included kickstands that allow you to set the Gimbal down after long takes.

The Basic Ring Grip includes all of the same contact points as the Advanced Ring Grip, but does not include the accessories that allow you different power options, the ability to control wireless follow focus motors or the Gimbal Head itself.

The Basic Ring Grip is a base that can be built off of with other accessories and will require additional power via the Top Battery Handle Adapter or the Gold/V-Mount Battery Plate which are both sold separately.

The Basic Ring Grip cannot power the RS 2 without one of these power sources.

The Basic Ring Grip does not include a battery plate and the compatible battery plates are currently not available for purchase separately. The Ring Grip does include an adapter for the RS2’s Battery Handle that allows it to function as a Top Handle for the Ring and provide power to the gimbal. These battery plates should be available by the end of the year.

Technische Informationen

Color: Black


Ring Grip Part I(TGA-BRG-UP)x 1
Ring Grip Part II(TGA-BRG-DOWN)x 1
Left Side Ring Grip Handle(TGA-BRG-L) x 1
Right Side Ring Grip Handle(TGA-BRG-R) x 1