Tilta DSLR RIG(with safety case)
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Tilta DSLR RIG(with safety case)

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This advanced camera rig is designed for universal use with most DSLR cameras. It comes with everything you need for a complete camera accessories kit including a matte box, a follow focus, mounting points for accessories, a monitor arm, a top handle, handles and a shoulder pad for handheld operation, and a Sony VCT-UT14 compatible baseplate for tripod operation.

Technische Informationen

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel


(1) 4×4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box
(1) Single-Sided DSLR Follow Focus
(1) VCT-UT14 compatible quick release baseplate
(2) Universal Handgrips
(1) Universal Hand Grip Bridge
(3) Curved cage arms
(1) Top handle
(1) Articulating arm
(1) 15mm LWS lens supporter
(1) 250mm focus whip
(1) 400mm focus whip
(1) Speed crank/focus lever
(1) Hard shell case
(4) 15mm Aluminum Rods – 200mm
(2) 15mm Aluminum Rod – 300mm
(2) 15mm Aluminum Rod – 100mm