Tilta Quick-release handgrips-15/19 mm
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Tilta Quick-release handgrips-15/19 mm

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This high strength universal hand grip system clamps directly onto the rods of your camera setup, allowing for super fast transitions from shoulder mounted operation to other camera mounts and back again. Simply snap the bridge onto the rods and lock it down via a tightening screw. This system comes in two different designs: one that offers mounting points to 15mm LWS and 15mm studio rod systems and another that offers mounting points to 15mm LWS and 19mm studio rod systems. This snap-on design ensures that you will not have to remove accessories that are already attached to the rods.

The rig is extremely stable, solid, and durable. The hand grips have high density foam for comfort, support, and stability which can also be rotated 360 degrees via stainless steel Arri Standard Rosettes. Furthermore, the three-joints design allows for operator flexibility and comfort. The Rosette Extension Handles can be extended to fit your needs.


Technische Informationen

Weight: 2.6 lbs
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Rod System: UH-T04-15S (15mm LWS/15mm studio), UH-T04 (15mm LWS/19mm studio)



(1) 15mm LWS/15mm Studio or 15mm LWS/19mm Studio Rod Snap-on Bridge
(8) Tightening Screws
(2) Adjustable Rosette Extender Arms
(2) Rosette Mounted Hand Grips (Left and Right)