Tilta Nucleus-M Handle Bridge (15/15 mm)
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Tilta Nucleus-M Handle Bridge (15/15 mm)

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This hand grip bridge allows you to quickly connect your hand grips to your camera setup’s rod system to allow you to be ready for handheld operation in seconds. Simply fit the bridge onto the rods and use the hand-tightening screw to latch on.

The bridge comes in two versions: one that has rod mounting clamps for 15mm studio and 15mm LWS setups and another that has clamps for 19mm studio and 15mm LWS setups.

Technische Informationen

Color: Black
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless-steel

(1) Quick Release Hand Grip Bridge (19mm/15mm LWS or 15mm/15mm LWS)
(2) 90 degree Arri Standard Rosette offset with tightening toggles
(1) Finger-tightened rod mounting screw
(2) 19mm studio or 15mm studio rod mounting clips
(2) 15mm LWS rod mounting clips