Zeiss CZ.2 15-30/T2.9 EF - metric
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Zeiss CZ.2 15-30/T2.9 EF - metric

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ZEISS Cinema Zoom Lenses
High-performance cine zoom lenses that make the most of the moment.

The ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses deliver great flexibility thanks to interchangeable mounts, allowing them to be used with a wide range of cameras from multiple manufacturers. There is a comprehensive choice of cinema zooms with consistent aperture, good sharpness and contrast, minimal distortion and a look that matches the highest quality cinema primes including ZEISS/ARRI lenses. Affordable, flexible and offering the highest quality, the ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses are an invaluable addition to any film set.

ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses are precision engineered within the tightest possible tolerances. This guarantees you excellent image quality with low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition for sharp, punchy pictures.
* High resolution and contrast; ready for 8K and beyond
* Excellent color correction
* Flare suppression through T* anti-reflex coating and internal light traps
* Low distortion
* Round out-of-focus highlights
* Color matched
Sensor Coverage
With their image circle of 46.3 mm all lenses cover Full-frame (24 mm x 36 mm) and even Vista Vision Sensors.